Sunday, February 17, 2013

Humorous Shanghai Anecdote

There is a huge mall in Shanghai right by the Pearl Tower, this mall is called Super Brand Mall. It is seven floors high and just in general HUGE. So, while vacationing in Shanghai Tommy and I decided to wander around this mall for a while. 

While riding the escalator from one floor to the next, we met a particularly lovely gentleman. It is about said gentleman that our anecdote precedes.  Let the humorousness commence.

Setting: Michelle and Tommy are riding the escalator down from floor four to floor three in search of the Dumpling restaurant Uncle Leon took them to. They are conversing about the Dumpling place when Michelle hears a man behind them speaking quietly. 

Tommy breaks off his conversation with Michelle to look at the man on the step behind them. 

Tommy: Hello.

Chinese Man: Hello!

Michelle (awkwardly): Hi.

Chinese Man (illegibly): Does your country celebrate Spring Festival?

Tommy frowns, completely unsure of what this man is asking. Michelle picks up the conversational ball.

Michelle: No, we don't.

Chinese Man: Where are you from?

Michelle: America.

Tommy: The United States.

Chinese Man (puzzled): Uh, States?

Tommy: Yes, The United States.

Chinese Man (excitedly and therefore more illegible than ever): Oh, do you know [insert German sounding word]?

Michelle (utterly perplexed): Uhm, I'm sorry what?

Chinese Man (not deterred): Do you know [insert German word]?

Michelle: I'm sorry -

Tommy (with sudden clarity): Oh! Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

Chinese Man (very pleased): Yes. He often says 'I will be back.'

Michelle: Uhm, yeah he did.

Tommy: Yep.

The trio gets off the escalator, Michelle and Tommy heading one direction and the Chinese Man in the opposite direction. Michelle pauses looking down at the next floor, Tommy comes to stand beside her.

Michelle: I thought he was speaking in German, I have no idea how you understood that.

Tommy: I don't either! One second it was gibberish and the next I just knew he was saying Arnold Schwarzenegger, which does sound German so you were on track. But what did he ask us first? I couldn't make that out.

Michelle: He asked if our country celebrates Spring Festival. 

Tommy: Oh. Wonder how pumped he is to tell all his friends about his conversation with the foreigners?


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